Seeking an international bridge of tomorrow
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  1.Consulting of international accounting and international tax and international finance
    Using the expertise of the accounting audit of overseas subsidiaries and overseas support,
    and made to help solve problems such as taxation IFRS, transfer pricing, source country taxation,
    for foreign workers and foreign tax credits.
  2.Design of enterprise system in global management
    Taking advantage of experience in overseas advance support and the "SJE type structured design technique" ,
    We have performed various enterprise system design, such as accounting system corresponding to overseas.

  3.International education and the promotion of international trade
    Taking advantage of experience in overseas advance support,  
    In Beijing we established "Beijing Noble Global Culture Co., Ltd. " in August, 2005,  
    and acquired educational license (Beijing Noble Global Languge Training centre: Beijing Noble School),
    and have performed language training of English, Chinese, and Japanese.
    Also, expand the circle of friends through education, we are promoting the international trade.
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