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Company history
  ・1994 The Consulting Department of Shinjuku Audit Corporation and splitting up
  ・1994 The outsourcing of Accounting /Affairs start
  ・1995 The translation of Complete works of the Chinese law of financial accounting
  ・1996 The consulting of Multi-currency accounting system design
  ・1998 The consulting of ERP system design
  ・2000 The consulting corresponding to financial network FX
  ・2002 The international sales consulting for ERP package
  ・2005 Beijing Noble Global Culture Co., Ltd. established
  ・2005 Beijing Noble Global Languge Training centre established
  ・2007 The consulting of local corporation established in Beijing
  ・2008 The consulting of internal control of financial reporting
  ・2010 The consulting of fixed asset management system corresponding to IFRS
  ・2011 The consulting of IFRS implement

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