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Beijing/Tokyo story
Communicating with Chinese・・・・・・
  August 16, 1996, Beijing Accounting Firm was invited from us for business visit.
  Five members of Beijing Accounting Firm,Beijing National Taxation Bureau,
  and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau visited Japan.
  Stay time was 14 days.
  the guests had acquired very new konwledge through Company visiting
  and exchanging view about Japan- China accounting system and soft,
  and had spent fruitful days.
  the fianl day of visiting was the day of tears.
  The company interpreter said" being country person's group,
  so we are very easily moved " .
  Why we had shed tears,now i still think about it.
  Undoubtedly beacause of having same thought,spending same time,
  realizing the wish of beginning,we had together shed the happy tears.
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